Contest Mechanics

Eligibility. This contest is open to all interested Grades IV to VII pupils from both public and private schools nationwide.

Pre-registration. Each contestant must pre-register by sending to the Secretariat the attached registration form on or before 9 February 2017 through fax or email. The registration form should be endorsed by the school’s Principal. Two contestants per school will be accommodated.

Acceptance. Only fifty (50) contestants in each venue will be accepted to participate in the contest. Acceptance will be made on a first-come first-served basis. The accepted contestants will be informed on or before 11 February 2016. Each contestant will be required to present valid school identification (ID) card on the day of the competition. In the event that there are still slots available after the deadline, the host may accommodate additional contestants from registered schools.

Theme. All posters should relate to the theme “Chemistry for Peaceful Use”. The contestants are encouraged to read on this topic prior to the contest. For more information, please visit the website of the OPCW at

Format. Only the Materials provided by the organizers may be used by the participants. The poster should be done on a 10” x 15” illustration board using craypas. Drawing and writing materials for the contest (including illustration board, bond paper, craypas, pencil, eraser, markers, cotton) shall be provided by the organizers at the contest venue. The artworks must remain anonymous. All entries will be pre-numbered. No signatures, names, or other identifying marks should appear at either side of the material of the entry.

Time limit. All artworks must be done only on the spot, and must be completed within the allotted time of two hours.

Violations. Entries that violate any of the contest rules may be disqualified outright. Any administrative or technical problems that may arise during the contest and judging process shall be resolved by the organizers/judges whose decision shall be final and unappealable.

Ownership of Entries. All entries in the competition will be properties of the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies.

Criteria for Judging. Entries will be judged according to creativity (40%), originality (30%) and relevance to the theme (30%). The Board of Judges will be chosen by the organizers from the host school. At the national level, the Board of Judges will be composed of noted artists and representatives from the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable.